Food Collection

First United Methodist Church of Conroe
Second Sunday Rice and Beans Collection
Donations of Rice and Beans are collected every second Sunday of the month and delivered the following week to the food pantry at Crisis Assistance Center.

Crisis Assistance Center
  • Deliver donated items to the Food Pantry as needed
  • Contribute to our Milk and Bread Fund to help purchase these items
  • Commit to work with us on scheduled days during the month 

Keep Us Fed Montgomery County
This Montgomery County Homeless Coalition program is a pilot project of  Keep Austin Fed.

Our mission: Sharing healthy nutrition with our hungry neighbors by keeping surplus food
 out of the waste stream.
We currently recover food from grocery stores, caterers and special events.

 Interested in Volunteering with Keep Us Fed Montgomery County

The First step to becoming a volunteer is to shadow a food run!  
As such, we would ask that you register with GivePulse, our volunteer
 scheduling and tracking software.  

  1.  To register:  go to
  2. Click Sign Up in the top right corner
  3. Fill out the form
  4. Second box down on the left should say "You do not belong to any groups yet!"  Click Find Existing Groups
  5. Enter "Keep Us Fed" and search (remove any city from the search)
  6. You should see Keep Us Fed and Keep Austin Fed.  Click on Keep Us Fed Montgomery County
  7. Click "Join Us"  Fill out the form