First United Methodist Church of Conroe


The Labyrinth is an ancient prayer tool—a prayer path. It is an effective spiritual tool, generic in nature, and personal in application.

Labyrinths are unicursal, having a single path. With no choices or intersections, that path leads unfailing (though circuitously) to the center and back out by the same path. The Labyrinth is an ancient sacred design equipped with a simple pathway leading to and from a center. Labyrinths have been used throughout history as a substitute for pilgrimage to Jerusalem. When one walks the Labyrinth you will find that no two experiences on a Labyrinth are the same.

One enters the Labyrinth open to God and with the intention of letting go of what holds you – releasing. In the center one finds communion with God – resting. When one walks out from the center they take the gift given and walk back out by the same path to allow transformation to take place – restore.

The Labyrinth at First United Methodist Church of Conroe is a painted canvas 44 x 44 feet and given as a gift from a church family in memory of their daughter. Usually, it is laid in a large room for easier access. All are invited to walk the Labyrinth—young children through older adults—because prayer is open to all.

Our Labyrinth is most often used during Holy Week and Advent.