First United Methodist Church of Conroe
The Food Ministry
The Food Ministry provides a meal for our church members in the event of a family death, when released from the hospital, or when on long-term illness/hospice when that member is not a part of a small group within the church providing these same services.  We also provide the food and hostesses for funeral receptions when the deceased or their family members are not affiliated with a small group within the church.
Homebound Communion
First United Methodist Church has a wonderful ministry for those in our church community who are unable to attend services and receive Holy Communion each month as a result of a recent illness or injury, yet who still want to celebrate the importance of connecting to others by sharing the Lord’s Supper.  Dedicated individuals from our church take Holy Communion to these members on the first Sunday of every month.  You will be blessed in many ways by connecting with members who enjoy hearing a friendly voice, by meeting new people, and by knowing he or she is helping individuals connect to others in a meaningful way.  Contact Janet Cable in the church office at 936-756-3395 for more information.
Medical Equipment Ministry
Some of you may know about our medical supplies program here at the church.  We have on hand medical supplies to loan out such as wheelchairs, crutches, walkers, canes, potty chairs, shower benches, and other items. If a person needs one of these items, they come to the church office and make their needs known, then the item is loaned to them.  In order for us to have supplies on hand, people bring the gently used items to the church office when they are no longer needed and we place the items in our inventory.  If you ever need any of this equipment, just call Sylvia Harris at 936-448-6650.
New Parent Ministries
The new parent ministry is designed for church members or their family members that have had an addition to their family.  Whether the family’s first child, or fifth we deliver a special gift to the new baby.  Our gifts include a new receiving blanket, cradle cross and prayer card for the new family.   If you are interested in being a member of this ministry please contact Janet Cable at 936-756-3395 or email at
Transportation for Medical & Essential Needs
We provide rides to Doctor's appointments, dentist's appointments, medical tests, etc. or other essential needs. Our church members provide rides in their own cars, pick up and return the person to their home.  For a ride, contact the church office at 936-756-3395.  You never know when you might need a ride, so let us help you when you need us.
Transportation on Sunday Mornings
We provide rides to Sunday school and church each Sunday morning.  Our church members provide rides in their own cars, pick up and return the person to their home.  For a ride, contact the church office by Thursday at noon at 936-756-3395.