First United Methodist Church of Conroe
Cancer Support Ministry
The Cancer Support Ministry at FUMC is to provide spiritual, emotional, and physical support to those facing a diagnosis of cancer.  If you are a current cancer patient, cancer survivor, cancer caretaker, or have had a family member with cancer and would like more information about this ministry, please contact Janet Cable in the Church Office.
Care Quilt Ministry

The Care Quilt Ministry is a group of quilters that sew quilts and other useful items for those who need a tender, loving touch.  The quilts are sewn together, bound, and finished.  All quilts have a special label attached with the recipient’s name and a message from the church.  The quilts are prayed over and then given out to those that are sick, homebound, homeless, those that attend “The Gathering Place” or those that have special needs.  This ministry meets the last Tuesday of every month. If you are interested in this ministry, contact the Church Office. 
Grief Support Group
The Grief Support Group supports those dealing with issues of death, divorce, financial difficulties, or aging parents.  This ministry meets the second and fourth Mondays of each month.  Grief is the normal response to the loss of someone or something that was the center of our life. In witness of the love of Christ, our mission is to provide those in mourning a supportive group in which to share their grief and gain understanding.  The service is non-denominational and free of charge.  Contact the Church Office.
HomeTouch Ministry
HomeTouch Ministry involves assembling and mailing a prepared weekly devotional and activity page to our homebound and nursing home seniors.  This contact from the church provides a continuing reminder of our concern for them and is greatly appreciated.  HomeTouch is also used by the Gathering Place as an activity for the participants.
Hospital Visitation Ministry
The hospital visitation ministry of First United Methodist Church of Conroe is comprised of volunteers who visit members who are hospitalized or who are in treatment centers in the area.  This ministry stays in touch with these patients and their families through periodic visits.  These volunteers offer cheerful and prayerful visits to these members in order to help them with their recovery.  If you would like to be a part of this great ministry, you may do so by calling Janet Cable in the Church Office 936-756-3395
Homebound and Nursing Home Visitation team 
The Homebound and Nursing Home visitation team is a wonderful group of caring people that visits those who can no longer attend their church and who need to know that the Church loves and cares for them, and that they are not forgotten. Our visitation team provides a much-needed time of fellowship and friendship. They are there to help spiritually, and to provide encouragement.   They also visit and correspond with homebound and nursing home recipients who do not belong to FUMC, and not unlike our church members, they also need to know that someone loves and cares for them. There are no special requirements to become a member of this extraordinary team. The only qualification is a loving and caring heart, and a few hours a month to devote to doing God’s work. If this is a ministry that you feel called to, please contact Janet Cable in the Church Office.  
“This is My commandment that you love one another as I have loved you”.   John 15:12
Love Shawl Ministry
The Love Shawl Ministry welcomes anyone who wants to learn to knit or crochet as well as those experienced in knitting and crocheting.  Each love shawl or lap quilt will be prayed over as they are made.  When these items are completed, they are given out to share God’s comforting love through their soft touch.  This ministry meets the first Monday of each month from 1 to 2:30 PM in the Susanna Room.  Please contact Janet Cable in the Church Office if you have any questions.
Military Service Ministry
Our purpose is to establish a communications "link" between this congregation and the young men and women we consider members of our extended family; those who serve on active duty in the U.S. Military regardless of branch or church affiliation.  They may not be actual members of our church but are sponsored by those who are, and that is how we maintain our "link".  We hope to bring each of them a little closer to home, especially as we celebrate our holidays.  We send them personal letters, greeting cards, and gift boxes filled with reading materials, snacks and all sorts of diversions.  We keep them on our prayer chain, an active data base and their photographs in uniform on a bulletin board in the hallway near the office.  We strive to bolster their morale whenever possible.  Thank you for your interest and support.

Nursing Home Mail Contact 
Members of our church send greeting cards monthly to our nursing home residents to remind them that they are not forgotten by our congregation.  If you would be interested in being matched with a nursing home resident, please contact Janet Cable at the church, 936-756-3395.
The Gathering Place
The Gathering Place of Conroe at FUMC is a ministry for those who are living with memory loss and the people who love them.  This free, ecumenical community resource is in partnership with Interfaith CarePartners.  Twice monthly The Gathering Place provides the care partner a time of fun and fellowship with festive themes, music, creative activities, games and guest performers.  Lunch is provided, contributed by the volunteers and community establishments.  Family caregivers may choose to have time to themselves or enjoy quality interactions with their loved ones by participating with them.  The Gathering Place is held from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on second and fourth Thursdays each month.  Memory loss disabilities include Alzheimer's, stroke, Parkinson's and related causes.  For information about volunteering or bringing your loved one, call Janet Cable in the Church Office 936-756-3395.  Reservation required..